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Automobile Fraud & Deception


Automobile Fraud and Deception

For many of us, purchasing a vehicle can be one of the biggest financial decisions we make. And we all want the transaction to go as smoothly as possible, and the car to be exactly what we expect. Unfortunately, though, it doesn’t always go right. Purchasers may fall prey to a number of dubious sales tactics, or problems, that our team is experienced in solving.

Lemon Law

Montana’s New Motor Vehicle Warranty Act protects consumers when they purchase a “lemon” and repeated attempts at repair are unsuccessful. If this has happened to you , the manufacturer may be required to replace your vehicle. You may be entitled to relief if you purchased, titled or leased your vehicle (including motorcycles) in Montana and it is less than two years old, with less than 18,000 miles, and there are substantial defects that impair the use, market value or safety of the vehicle.


Many new and used cars come with warranties meant to cover defects or other malfunctions. But not all manufacturers or sellers will honor the warranty. And, if you have a service contract or other express warranty, there may be limitations on the manufacturer or seller from refusing to honor implied warranties of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpos

Yo-Yo or Spot Delivery Financing

Yo-Yo or Spot Delivery Financing occurs when a dealer or seller engages in a scheme wherein the buyer agrees to loan terms, but the dealer has not obtained financing on those terms. The buyer typically gives the dealer a trade-in and leaves with the new car. Later, the dealer sells the trade-in and advises the buyer that financing fell through, so the buyer needs to sign a new financing agreement, generally at higher cost, or lose the new car.

Misrepresentation of Vehicle Conditions

Not all dealers disclose true condition of a vehicle, including the vehicle’s history or characteristic. This could involve false representations about the previous ownership, title history, odometer readings, significant damage, or other misrepresentations.