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Foreclosure Defense & Banking


Foreclosure Defense and Banking

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Whether you are facing foreclosure, repossession, or have been otherwise adversely affected by a bank or other loan financer you must still be treated fairly.  A bank’s threat to foreclose on your home, car or other property can be difficult to face alone.  If you need help, call our Helena law firm today about a free consultation or contact us online.

Our firm has recovered millions of dollars on behalf of Montana Home Owners against banks and mortgage servicers including, Bank of America, Wells Fargo, Nationstar and many more.

Foreclosure Defense

Montanans experience foreclosure for a variety of reasons – unemployment, medical hardship, death, divorce and many more. But there are  foreclosure programs to help you overcome these hardships.  Your mortgage loan servicer should assist you by analyzing your situation to determine if you qualify for a loan modification or other foreclosure alternatives. Often times, though, mortgage loan servicers do not do comply with their obligations.

In fact, in 2012, the Federal Government and 49 state Attorneys General (including Montana’s) sued the five major banks, Bank of America, Wells Fargo, Citi, Chase and GMAC/Ally for their loan servicing and foreclosure abuses.

Servicers have misled and deceived consumers by employing unfair and deceptive practices such as:

  • telling consumers not to make a payment in order to receive a modification;

  • falsely telling consumers they had a modification;

  • telling consumers their documents had not arrived at the bank;

  • delaying any response to a modification application until the documents were stale and the consumer needed to provide updated information;

  • simply not responding to a consumer’s modification request;

  • and foreclosing while a modification application was pending (“dual tracking”).

As result of actions like these abusive practices, Montana homeowners have been unnecessarily placed into foreclosure and lost their homes. Even when these practices do not cause a foreclosure, they still cause a homeowner unnecessary stress and emotional anxiety over losing one’s home.

If you have suffered from similar banking abuses, are facing foreclosure, or being threatened with foreclosure or default, Morrison, Sherwood, Wilson and Deola may be able to help. Our law firm and lawyers are among the most experienced in Montana in fighting these abusive practices.

Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

In some cases, filing for a Chapter 13 Bankruptcy can be a powerful tool to keep you in your home.  By filing for bankruptcy, you halt any foreclosure proceedings that may be pending.  The bankruptcy process then gives you an opportunity to negotiate a lower monthly payment.


Just as with mortgage loans, banks often make mistakes or mislead and deceive consumers who have other forms of financing. Regardless of the type of financing, whether it is a personal loan, an auto loan, a line of credit, secured or unsecured, banks still must treat consumers fairly, must not deceive them and must act in good faith. When a bank fails to abide by these standards, it is the consumer who suffers and who may have a cause of action against the bank.

Morrison, Sherwood, Wilson and Deola, has been helping consumers exercise their rights and protect themselves against unfair banking practices for over 30 years and may be able to help you.


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